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Established in march of 1986, Cabinet’s Plus has continued to grow as a premier kitchen and bath business in the Murfreesboro area. The popularity of kitchen and bath design has proven itself to be a major selling feature of the home.
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What material makes the best countertop?

Storm Kitchen - Cabinets Plus DesignThis is the most frequently asked question by customers visiting our showroom.  All products  have qualities that make them popular and faults that their competition want to emphasize.  In order  to make the “best” decision one must consider lifestyle, cooking habits and general design.  For  example, a kitchen design that will have many countertop seams would benefit more from solid  surface than busy granite.

Exotic granite tends to look like art, very bold with large patterns of movement.  It can easily be the focal point and dictator of all finish selections.  Natural stones with a matte or honed finish are becoming very popular along with quartz.  These are more consistent and understated products and do not have the shine that granite has been so famous for.  There are products to seal everything in the market today, so do not worry about this.  It is EASY to seal countertops! 

Wood, metal and recycled glass are finding there place in current kitchen design.  Some kitchens have two or three surfaces featured.  See our website for surfaces we carry.   

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