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Established in march of 1986, Cabinet’s Plus has continued to grow as a premier kitchen and bath business in the Murfreesboro area. The popularity of kitchen and bath design has proven itself to be a major selling feature of the home.

Jeanine has a BBA in business admin and marketing from MTSU.  In March of 1986 the opened Cabinets Plus Design. Focusing primarily on new construction she was able to see the major importance of Kitchen and Bath design.  With a marketing background she has been able to reach the remodeling market and provide services in both new and existing homes. 

How Does That Cabinet Door Open?

I have noticed wall cabinetry having a stacked appearance with the handle located horizontally. Is this a practical application, and how does the door open?

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My kitchen is about 15 years old and I have laminate countertops. Would replacing the countertop with a more substantial surface be the best investment?

Sevier House - Cabinets Plus DesignBecause countertops show the most use in the kitchen all types of products are available that provide a good long-term investment. However, new countertops as well as new flooring, backsplash tile, painting cabinetry, etc. can be deceiving and more of a quick fix. If there are things in your kitchen that you would change if you could “start from scratch” chances are someone else would too. Say for instance you have an L shaped kitchen with a peninsula bar and an island would open the area up. Do not put new flooring or countertops in. Look into the cost of redesigning the entire area. If your appliances are dated or you really wish you had a separate oven and cook top, now is the time. Once you do certain upgrades it is cost prohibited to rethink later. We will gladly come to your home and explain all options that we see available in a space. It cannot hurt and could be the best investment you could have made!

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Let's Get Spicy!

One of the many perks that come with being a kitchen designer is the opportunity to discuss cooking with our clients. Not only the processes involved in cooking but the recipes that many customers like to cook. Storage needs for spices, small appliances and different cooking utensils are always mentioned. I was raised with avid cooking in my family and enjoy cooking with friends. I feel that because of the recent popularity of cooking shows on television many people that do not grow up in a cooking atmosphere aspire to develop their own skills. Ethnic cooking is one area that is gaining popularity!

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What material makes the best countertop?

Storm Kitchen - Cabinets Plus DesignThis is the most frequently asked question by customers visiting our showroom.  All products  have qualities that make them popular and faults that their competition want to emphasize.  In order  to make the “best” decision one must consider lifestyle, cooking habits and general design.  For  example, a kitchen design that will have many countertop seams would benefit more from solid  surface than busy granite.

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Why Does Remodeling The Kitchen and Bathrooms Add The Most Value To A Home?

Make an effort to notice where your family, friends, and company tend to gather.  Hint it has the food!  Because of this typical behavior, kitchens get the most use.  Also since it has the most activity, it’s the main reflection of your home.  Routine home maintenance is addressed year long and focuses on specific areas.  It is difficult to consistently maintain a kitchen or bathroom.  When it is time to replace cabinetry or a bathtub it is a big deal.  This adds value to your home because it cannot be done in stages. 

Kitchens and bathrooms typically need new flooring, countertops, appliances, lighting, sinks, faucets and cabinetry.  If you only replace some of these items all of the other areas can look old or dated.  When it’s time to sell your house potential buyers and appraisers can see the real value in purchasing your home.  Studies have shown that women want to purchase a home that has an updated kitchen.  If your home is more than 20 years old it would benefit you to explore the cost of remodeling.  Visit our showroom and we will help you get started.  

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Old Furniture Has A Story Of It's Own

I try to imagine the households in which they have lived and the many people that have enjoyed their usefulness.

Cabinets Plus DesignAntique furniture always had a particular purpose and most get their names from what they were designed     to accomplish. 

A pie safe always has punched tin inserts on the doors to allow air flow while baked goods cooled and to keep flies away. Another kitchen antique is a Hoosier cabinet. It has a flour sifter, metal bread box (to keep mice away from stored bread), roll-up tambour unit (appliance garage), pull out counter, and sometimes a wire door mounted spice rack.  

It’s function was equivalent to the modern day kitchen. It had dish storage at the top, preparation countertop, and storage for most frequently used items. 

  A true “butcher block” is another kitchen antique that had a unique purpose. It was located in the center of the kitchen, as an island, and because of the enzymes in the wood, meat could be “butchered” in the kitchen.  They have a very thick top so it can be sanded many times to expose a new surface area to chop on. They did not have bacteria fighting cleaners, so nature took their place.  People were exposed to more elements long ago and it helped build up their resistance to germs.  

If you notice most antiques are light weight and relatively small in nature. They may seem to be robust but are skeletal inside, allowing maximum storage. 

They were designed so they could be moved and transported easily. They had to travel by boat, train or wagon back in the day.  

When you think of the size of an antique bed they are never any larger than a full size.  They may be ornate, with large posts or canopies but they disassemble for limited space during travel. 

One of the most diverse furniture pieces are storage chests and trunks. They are sometimes on casters for easy movement in and out of ships and trains. They held most all belongings and were used as closets, tables, and seating in the home. 

They are used for almost the same things today. 

One of the most interesting antiques I have seen was at the home of Dene and Hubert McCullough. 

It was a “rent table,” they were using as their kitchen table. 

It is round and features drawers around the perimeter. It can be turned so that the land owner could sit in his chair and when tenants came to pay their rent; he turned to “their” drawer and unlocked it, and placed their money in the appropriate drawer.  

I feel in the fast pace we are all moving in today, it is calming to see and understand were many of the modern day conveniences we enjoy originated.  

Antiques have interesting stories to tell, if we can just find the time to listen.


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